Provisional booking

1. Check the dates of courses on the calendar.

(If it does not reach the minimum number of students, the school reserves the right to change the date of the course)

2. Make a provisional booking by phone or e-mail

046-233-3633 / 046-292-1184 / Fax:046-292-1338


3. Depending on the course, there will be a partial exemption from the theoretical and/or practical classes.

(For further details, please check the course page)

4. Your registration will be confirmed only after the payment of the full course fee.

We require payment in advance as soon as possible, because your booking would be canceled if it reached the maximum number of people (the maximum number of students per course is determined) and if there is no confirmation of the payment.

Documents and requirements for registration

Filled enrollment form

Identity verification documents copies (one of the documents listed below. Bring the original on the day)

Japanese citizenship

・Japanese driver’s license

・Certificate of residence (within 6 months after issuance) or another official identity document

Foreign Nationals

・ Zairyu Card/Resident Card (with the validy and with a work permit)

・ Japanese driver's license (for holders)

* The name on the Certificate of Completion will be the same as the name on the Zairyuu Card. To add your TSUUSHOUMEI (name used in Japan), it is required to submit the Juumin Hyou.

Photos - 2 photos 4.0cm X 3.0cm

・ ID photos taken within the past 6 months; it must be in sharp focus and clear

・ Submit the photos in its original size (without cutting)

・ Don't write your name on the back of the photos

THIS PHOTOS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE => Inkjet print, color copy and photos damaged by paperclips, ink, folding, etc.

Methods of payment

There will be no refund of the amount paid when you cancel your booking after the application procedure has been completed.

If there would be any problem on the course’s date, and if there is a prior notice until 3 working days before the course day, it is possible to change the date. Please, contact us to reset a new date. (However, it must be changed to a new date within 1 month and it will be accepted only once.)

We ask our student to make the enrollment process far in advance so we can send the text book in English, so they will be able to attend class with prior knowledge.

Methods of payment

・ Paying in person at the school’s office

・ Send the course fee by post, utilizing the Genkin Kakitome envelope to:
〒243-0437 Kanagawa-ken Ebina-shi Izumi 2-11-6 - 2F - 205

・ Banking deposit

BANKING DEPOSIT (Deposit fee must be paid by the customer )
Bank りそな銀行(Risona ginkou) OU Bank 横浜銀行 (Yokohama ginkou)
Branch 海老名支店(Ebina shiten) Branch 海老名支店(Ebina shiten)
Account number 口座番号(Kouza bangou) 1648963 Account number 口座番号(Kouza bangou) 6038132
Account 普通預金 (Futsuu yokin) Account 普通預金 (Futsuu yokin)
(株) NKC能力開発センター
(Kabushiki Gaisha) NKC Nouryoku Kaihatsu Center
株式会社 NKC能力開発センター
(Kabushiki Gaisha) NKC Nouryoku Kaihatsu Center


・ The receipt will be issued by the school when the payment is made in cash (in person or by registered mail for cash/genkin kakitome).

・ In case of payment by bank transfer/deposit, please keep the deposit statement with you, because that will be the payment receipt. In this case, THE SCHOOL WILL NOT ISSUE A RECEIPT.

・ However, if it is required the receipt issued by the school, it will be issued in exchange of the bank receipt.

・ The deposit statement issued by financial institutions (bank deposit) is formally recognized as a receipt by the Tax Office.

・ For payments made by Internet Banking, print out the acknowledgement page for your records, becouse/for that is considered a formal receipt.

・ Furthermore, the bank fees will not be included in the receipt.

・ Receipts will be issued in the name that appears in the deposit statement.

Class Day

About Hours on the first day

・ Course starting at 8:20 hrs:reception on the first day of the course from 7:45 to 8:15.

・ Course starting at 12:50 hrs (only for Forklift B and D course):reception on the first day of the course from 12:20 to 12:45.

・ Don't be late! You can't attend class on this day, and in this case a new date might be resetted in accordance with the School Internal Rules.

What to bring on the day

・ Pencil , eraser and paper for annotation

・ Calculator (only for those who will aplly for tamakake/sling)

Clothing (on the practical day class)

・ Appropriate clothing for outdoor activity(will not be accepted the use of sandal, dug shirt, short pants)

・ Raincoat (according to the weather)

・ Helmet and gloves (if you prefer you can bring your own)

Internal Rules「NKC-170927」

Internal Rules about Course Data Change, Absence, Tardiness and Early Leaving

If the applicant is disqualified by any of the causes below, he/she cannot continue the course.
In addition, no refunds are available regardless of the reason.

Communicate until 3 business days before the course starting. The applicant may attend the class in another date within 1 month in one of upcoming courses. ※1 ※3

➡︎ It will be deemed as disqualification and the applicant cannot continue the course.

Illness, accidents and delay in public trasportation The applicant may attend class within 1 month in one of upcoming courses, since there is vacancy in the referred course until 5 business days before the course starting. ※2 ※3

TARDINESS Regardless of the reason, it will not be accepted at any time in the course!
WITH PRIOR NOTICE It will be deemed as absence. The applicant may attend class within 3 months in one of upcoming courses, since there is vacancy in the referred course until 5 business days before the course starting. ※1 ※2 ※3

Personal reasons
Reasons of force majeure
The judgement and decision will be given by the instructor and the administrator A)Disqualification
B)The applicant may attend class within 1 month in one of upcoming courses, since there is vacancy in the referred course until 5 business days before the course starting. ※2 ※3

※1 It will be allowed only once

※2 In case of the applicant cannot attend the course for personal reasons (including illness), or if there is no vacancy in the referred course, it will be considered disqualified.

※3 It is not necessary to make payment of the same course fee again.